Behind the Scenes of our Fair Trade Program at Serene Spaces Living

At Serene Spaces Living, we believe in making the world a beautiful place for everyone. That’s why we are proud to support Protegeons-Madagascar, an organization that supports sustainable development and fair trade. Our fair-trade raffia collection is handmade, dyed and crafted in Madagascar by skilled artisans. Get a behind the scenes peek to see how these pieces are lovingly created.
dye2 Pigment dyes in bright colors are added to the natural raffia to give them their POP.
dye1 This dyed natural raffia lies out to dry before being woven.
loom A striped textile being woven on a loom.
Pretty stripes and vibrant dyes are the first step to these pretty completed striped products at Serene Spaces Living. Shop the collection to show your support. You can shop our full raffia collection here.

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