Fair Trade Home Decor

Items from our fair trade home decor collection for that natural, earthy look you are trying to achieve, from Serene Spaces Living. In this post we will showcase a few of our raffia products form our fair trade home decor collection.

Natural Raffia Baskets with Wood Trim - Serene Spaces LivingNatural Raffia Baskets with Wood Trim, Set of 3

This set of decorative storage baskets, three handwoven raffia baskets, feature a sophisticated wooden trim around the rim. We love using them as fruit or vegetable bowls in our dining space. The set includes one of each size.

Round Raffia Baskets - Serene Spaces LivingRound Raffia Baskets, Set of 3

Our set of three round decorative storage baskets, made of raffia, feature a wood trim around the rim. These baskets are fair trade and handcrafted in Madagascar. We love using them as fruit or vegetable baskets, or craft a unique centerpiece with them. Set includes one of each size, 7.5in D, 9in D, 10in D.

Hanging Raffia Baskets - Serene Spaces LivingHanging Raffia Baskets

We're in love with these fair trade hanging raffia baskets. Use with fruits or vegetables to create a unique feature in your kitchen. Includes 3 baskets. If you are looking for any type of home decor, Serene Spaces Living has what you are looking for. Shop for fair trade home decor on our website.

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