{Inspiration} Modern Home Decor: Keeping It Simple

Simplicity is exactly what I think when I think modern home decor. As with anything in life and design, Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). We are starting to get together some inspirational posts based on a variety of home decor topics. This week we choose to explore some modern interior decorating inspiration:
Modern Home Decor Inspiration, Accent Pillows, Bookshelf Decor and More - Serene Spaces Living From DailyDreamDecor.com
A beautiful and simple decor, with a beautiful bookshelf, variety of shelf accents and more. The natural looking accent rug and the accent pillows add a bit of boldness to the are.
Modern Home Decor, Accents, Hanging Crystal, Side Tables, Bookshelves, etc - Serene Spaces Living From HomeAdore.com
A simple living room set and some open space can set up a room beautifully. They kept it simple, but I think some accents are in order.
Modern Office Decor Inspiration, Hanging Accents, Water Glasses, Trays, and More - Serene Spaces Living From Dans Le Lakehouse
A nice conference table setup with a nice looking wood table, some hanging lights and some functional table accents.
Modern Living Room Decor, Accent Pillows, Simple Rugs, Poufs and More - Serene Spaces Living From FeedPuzzle.com
A beautiful vintage inspired couch with some subtle accent pillows to compliment it.
Modern Living Room Decor, Leather Couches, Accent Rugs, Table Accents - Serene Spaces Living From theultralinx.com
A space that is a little more utilized with a variety of modern home decor accents, plants, shelves, tables. Great rug and accent pillows to help make the are a bit more cozy.

Similar Modern Home Decor Products

If you head over to our website you can find some comparable modern home decor products:

Accent Pillows - Serene Spaces Living From Serene Spaces Living

Accent Pillows

Hanging Crystal Bead Balls - Serene Spaces Living From Serene Spaces Living

Hanging Crystal Bead Balls

Accent Rug - Serene Spaces Living From Serene Spaces Living

Blue Triangle Heavy Jute Rug

Look for more featured products later in the week, then a product of the week on Friday. Check out more Modern Home Decor on Serene Spaces Living in the meantime.

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