Natural Home Decor

Love nature and want to achieve that natural look in you home? Our natural home decor and unique product selection will deliver everything you want. There are a variety of different types of products that can help you bring the natural look together: topiaries, flower pots, planters, natural wood, mirrors and more. To get a look similar to the Natural Home Decor you see in the image above, you can visit Serene Spaces Living. These couple products below will help you obtain your desired natural home decor look.

Preserved Boxwood in Square Pots - Natural Home Decor - Serene Spaces LivingPreserved Boxwood in Square Pots

Genuine preserved boxwood that come in pots as shown in the image. Recommended for indoor use and creating a great look with natural home decor. Easy maintenance, just spray once a month with water to keep boxwood looking fresh and keep away from direct sunlight. Shop for Preserved Boxwood in Square Pots

Antique Silver Glass Mercury Mushrooms - Natural Home Decor - Serene Spaces LivingAntique Silver Glass Mercury Mushrooms

Decorative glass mushrooms with a great finish. These little shrooms have a vintage inspired look to add to your natural home decor with their silver mercury glass, and make the perfect little accent to any natural space. Shop for Antique Silver Glass Mercury Mushrooms

Antiqued Black & Gold Mirror - Natural Home Decor - Serene Spaces LivingAntiqued Black & Gold Mirror

An antique mirror to compliment your natural look, we love the look of this mirror. It's the perfect piece for your natural home decor setup. With decorative, aged spots all over and a vintage style gold and black wood frame, this antique mirror adds a rustic, yet romantic vibe to any setting. Shop for Antiqued Black & Gold Mirror Like what you see, take a look at our other Natural Home Decor products. Check out our collections, new arrivals and other looks.

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