Zen Home Decor

Achieve that peaceful, minimal, natural look and feel with our unique products with the zen home decor we have. A Zen home is designed to be a relaxing, contemplative and visually balanced place that helps you achieve inner peace. To get a look similar to the Zen Home Decor you see above, you can visit Serene Spaces Living. These couple products below will help you obtain your desired zen home decor look.

Oversized Antique Green Ficonstone Buddha - Zen Home Decor - Serene Spaces LivingOversized Antique Green Ficonstone Buddha

Our ficonstone buddha statue has an antique green finish. Use it to add an elegant 'zen' statement in your space or while entertaining. This Buddha's large size makes the perfect statement piece, slight imperfections add to it's vintage inspired look and gives it some character. Shop for Oversized Antique Green Ficonstone Buddha

Antique Pink Glass Cylinders - Zen Home Decor - Serene Spaces LivingAntique Pink Glass Cylinders

We're seeing pink. Add a vintage touch with these antiqued pink containers. The finish on these glass cylinders resembles antique mercury glass for a sweet, romantic feel. From left to right: Wide, Large, Narrow, Small. Our small glass cylinders come in sets of 6. Shop for Antique Pink Glass Cylinders

Sitting Buddha Resin Statue - Zen Home Decor - Serene Spaces LivingSitting Buddha Resin Statue

Add a zen element to your space with our resin sitting buddha statue. A worn texture and aged finish gives this buddha the look of a weathered wood sculpture. Shop for Sitting Buddha Resin Statue Like what you see, take a look at our other Zen Home Decor products. Check out our collections, new arrivals and other looks.

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