3 Best & Basic Modern Decor Ideas for Your Home


Modern decor calls for organized homes where every piece is mindfully placed. It is a perfect blend of functionality, purpose, and minimalistic style. Here, we bring to you the 3 best and most basic modern decor ideas to revamp your home. 

  1. Choose a neutral color palette

The best way to give your home an iconic modern look is to rely on a monochromatic/neutral color palette. Natural colors like white or pastels are the safest options to add a touch of elegance and class. 

Glossy white ceramic bowl by Serene Space Living

Our glossy white ceramic bowl gracefully makes itself a definite choice.

Realistic faux lily stems by Serene Space Living

Fill it with colorful planters plants of your choice or stick to the theme of white with these realistic faux lily stems, which come with a pretty-looking glass vase. 

White glass votives by Serene Space Living

Make your evenings reflect the modern home decor with these white votives that can radiate their shine for hours. These are perfect for those who prefer candles for ambiance rather than the aroma. 

  1. Opt for reflective surfaces

One of the basics for home decor is using decor pieces that look timeless. Glass and stainless steel products with their dazzling beauty are perfect for this look. 

Glass bud vase by Serene Space Living

Take a look at our glass bud vase with a crystal-like cut pattern which makes the stem placed in it look stunning.

Stainless steel cynlinder flower vase by Serene Space Living

We also have a sleek stainless steel cylinder flower vase for those looking for alternative options.

Crystal candle holder by Serene Space Living

Crystal decor pieces are a beautiful addition to modern home decor. Use these crystal candle holders for luxurious evenings.

Candle stick holder by Serene Space Living

Give your space some depth with these holders for candles of different sizes.

Mercury shot glass votives by Serene Space Living

We also have mercury shot glass votives which last for up to 12 hours.

  1. Go for natural materials 

Natural-looking products highlight the essence of your home decor like none other. Including pieces made from natural wood does full justice to the concept of modern eco-friendly home decor.

Oblong teakwood bowl by Serene Space Living

Handcrafted by expert artisans with love, this natural teak wood bowl accentuates the sophisticated feel you are looking for.

Teakwood bowls by Serene Space Living

We also have small-sized teak wood bowls to serve fruits, salads, or appetizers. 

Teak trunk tealight holder by Serene Space Living

We love to innovate products that can be useful and unique for you. This teak trunk tealight holder is a perfect example of that. This beautiful piece can fit 5 tea lights and be the ideal centerpiece for your dinner table.

Modern home decor is a combination of sustainable living with vogue designs. Every piece we make has a purpose, is made of exquisite quality and handcrafted with love. We hope this blog inspires you to give your home a refreshed modern look this summer season. Do share your home’s modern makeover with us on social media by tagging us and using the hashtags #SSLthroughmyeyes and #EverydaylifewithSSL

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