About Us


At Serene Spaces Living, we believe each day is a new opportunity to create something beautiful. We know the spaces that fill us with joy and make us feel that way for a reason. Things like carefully selected linens, rose petals from a dear friend's wedding, or the antique trays we discovered at the market, give each room a unique feeling that is both beautiful and personal.

Serene Spaces Living is the destination for creating a space that reflects who you are. We'll provide you with inspiration, design tips, and our favorite items that have been hand selected from around the world. Shop our look books to view complete collections, exclusively created for Serene Spaces Living, or browse by style to put together a space that is uniquely you.

Everything we do at Serene Spaces Living is done with love, so whether your space is indoors, outdoors, big, small, or somewhere in between, we hope we can help you create something that brings a smile from within.

Every object, from handmade home goods to luxurious crystal accessories, is packed and delivered to you with the utmost care, and we hope when you shop with us you enjoy every moment of the journey.

With Love,

The SSL Team

Meet the heart of Serene Spaces Living — our warehouse team. They're the quiet force that ensures that our home decor products, from the simplest ceramic vases to the most intricate gold lanterns, are carefully stored and sent off to their new homes.

Each day, they handle a variety of materials with attention and respect, knowing that the items they touch will become part of someone's living space. They arrange the vases, bowls, and decorative ornaments that you choose to bring into your home.

We're thankful for this group of diligent individuals who, with every package they prepare, help us extend a piece of serenity to your space. They play a very crucial role in bringing the essence of Serene Spaces Living into your life.