Wholesale Home Décor

Purchasing and distributing wholesale home décor offers several attractive benefits, whether your home décor business is just taking off or you want to expand your store's range. When you partner with Serene Spaces Living as your home décor wholesale provider, you benefit from a broad range of products at affordable prices backed by our expertise and superb customer service.

When to Seek Out a Wholesale Home Décor Supplier

The retail business can be incredibly competitive, especially within the uber-popular home decoration niche. As your business grows, you'll want to offer a more comprehensive selection of products and work with reliable suppliers to ensure your customers receive their orders on time and in the best possible condition. Opting for wholesale home decorations from Serene Spaces Living might be right for your business if you experience any of the following:

  • Untrustworthy suppliers: You struggle to find a supplier who delivers quality products on time.
  • Low profit margin: Your current suppliers offer minimal discounts, leaving you with a small margin to remain competitive.
  • Limited inventories: Your suppliers do not have an adequate stock of your best-selling items.

The Benefits of Our Home Décor Service

Retailers can benefit from partnering with our wholesale service. With a resale certificate from your state, you can open a wholesale account with us and avoid paying sales tax on your wholesale purchases. Our service is available to businesses countrywide, and you can receive up to 50% off on some of our regular prices.

Becoming a Serene Spaces Living wholesale partner provides the following benefits:

  • Extensive product range: Our wide variety of products lets you expand your inventory and offer your customers more options, from vases to silk flowers, lanterns, planters and holiday decorations.
  • Higher profit margins: As a wholesale partner, you'll receive significant discounts, allowing you to garner more profit from sales.
  • Quality products: We are a reputable home décor retailer with a proven track record, so you can trust that your customers will receive quality products.
  • Reliable stock and supply: With our solid manufacturer relationships and experienced team, you'll have access to the stock you need to deliver on your promises.
  • Expert product support: As our wholesale partner, you receive the product support to excel in your home décor business.

Important Wholesale Account Factors to Note

It's vital to keep the following essential points in mind before opening your Serene Spaces Living wholesale account:

Sales Tax Permits vs. Resale Certificates

We require a completed resale certificate from the state where your business is registered in order to create a wholesale account for you.

There's a difference between a sales tax permit and a resale certificate. A permit allows a company to sell products in a particular state and collect sales tax for those sales. On the other hand, a resale certificate lets a buyer (retailer) purchase goods from a supplier (wholesaler) without paying the sales tax required normally. 

You can create a retail account on our website, and we will convert the retail account to a wholesale account after receiving and reviewing your resale certificate. Follow one of these PDFs to obtain a resale certificate for your state:

Our Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale prices will be reflected on our website once you log in as a wholesaler. They are typically 30%-50% lower than our retail prices.

Wholesale Pricing Exceptions

Items under $10 will not have a wholesale price, and there is no wholesale and bulk discount for products under the Rugs and Pillows category.

Return Shipping Fees

For wholesale orders, the return shipping fees will need to be borne by the customer. Additionally, a 15% restocking fee will be charged to the customer in case of "customer remorse" — in other words, for returns when the product is not defective or damaged.

Choose Serene Spaces Living as Your Home Décor Partner

Expand your home décor retail business by becoming a Serene Spaces Living wholesale partner and benefit from our years of experience and excellent products and services. To create your wholesale account, contact the Serene Spaces Living team without delay!