The Best Ways To Put Out A Candle Properly


The first thought that might have crossed your mind on reading the title is whether there exists a better way to do it than blowing out a candle. The answer is, yes. In fact, you should consider other ways of putting out a candle because blowing a candle without proper care is not the best way to put out a candle. It might emit smoke, spread wax around your space, release indoor pollutants or be a potential fire hazard.

In this blog post, we tell you how to put out a candle in the right and safest way. 

1.  Bend The Wick Into The Wax With A Wick Dipper

A wick dipper is a long metal rod with a tapered or curved end. Use it to dip the wick into the pool of wax on the surface of the candle. This way you can put out the flame without letting out any smoke. An alternative to a wick dipper can be a pencil or a pair of tweezers too. Once this is done, use the tool in your hand to keep the wick upright again. 

Our pillar candles have a long burn time by default. You can use this method of putting out candles to help them burn longer as the wick is already coated with a good amount of wax. Please ensure that there is no remaining burnt wick residue in the wax.


2. Offer Less Oxygen To The Flame With A Snuffer

A snuffer is a long stylish-looking stick with a little bell on its end. Place the bell-shaped end on the flame of the candle. This will stop the candle from burning further and also prevent wax from splattering in the surroundings. Instead of buying a snuffer, you can also use a spoon or try making it at home using a stick and a foil for the bell.

This method is quite effective for putting out candles that are tall like our taper candles or candles with wicks that are not easily accessible. The best part is, the snuffer holds all the smoke inside and does not let out any unpleasant odor.



3.  Use The Candle Lid To Put Out A Candle

Nowadays, candles with jars and lids are available in the market. You can use those lids to put out the flame. This is similar to using a snuffer. The difference is, in this method, there is a higher probability of the melted wax and smoke smell blending. This might affect its fragrance the next time you light it.

We have scented candles available in three different scents in a clear glass jar and lid. You can use this lid to protect the candle between burns too. Please use lids only made from non-flammable materials like concrete, stone, metal, glass, or ceramic.


Here Are A Few Tips To Keep In Mind Before Putting Out A Candle

  1. The ideal time to put out a flame is when the entire surface of the candle has melted i.e when the melted wax has covered the entire circumference of the container. Putting out a candle before this will lead to tunneling, where only the wax around the center of the wick melts. This will decrease the fragrance and glow and lead to the wastage of wax.
  2. Do not consider using water for putting out candles. It might lead to wax splattering and even breakage of the candle container.
  3. You might be tempted to use a knife or a similar sharp object to remove the wax drippings from the candle or candle holder. Avoid doing it as it might cause damage to the container. 
  4. Always put out a candle before leaving the room. After putting it out, ensure it is completely out. Check the wick and confirm there are no glowing embers.

We hope this blog post helped you understand the best ways to put out a candle. Check out our catalog of candles and lanterns that are safe, stylish, and simple to put out as well. 

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