How to Decorate Using Clear Glass Vases


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Clear gas vases are great receptacles for any room. They're plain and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for decorating. They match any theme and complement different colors and textures. 

How can you decorate using clear glass vases? Here are six fun, easy ways to jazz up these beautiful centerpieces.

1. Decorative Sand

For a twist on a vase filled with flowers, try using decorative sand and artificial flowers for a unique aesthetic. Get different colors of sand and layer them using a funnel or straw for vases with a small opening. Then arrange the flowers in the sand.

2. Wood

Birch bark or driftwood are great decorating ideas for large vases. The wood exudes a natural beachy vibe and is also a wonderful idea if you're into the cottagecore aesthetic. Add thistle, wildflowers, lavender and ferns to complete the look.

3. Seeds and Beans

Seeds and beans are novel decorating ideas for glass vases, and they look amazing when paired with beautiful succulents. Low wide-rimmed vases work well as succulent planters. Put seeds and beans in a thick layer at the bottom of the vase and spread a layer of soil on top before adding your succulents

4. Fruits

Mix your fruits and flowers together and let them bring a vibrant, colorful flair to your space. For this idea, you might need two vases in different sizes. Put the smaller vase inside the larger one and line the gap with thinly sliced fruits like lemons and oranges and a bit of water. Place your flowers in the smaller vase.

5. Decorative Paper

Sometimes you want to change the mood and cover your glass vases entirely. A quick and easy way to do this is by using decorative paper. Play around with patterns, especially when decorating glass vases for children's rooms or try paper petals for a dainty look.

6. Fabric and Twine

Going for a homey feel with your glass centerpieces? Consider wrapping them with fabric. Secure the cloth on the vase using hot glue or simply tie a thin rope around it for some contrast. Burlap and raffia are excellent ideas, too, if you'd like a more rustic treatment.

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