DIY Spring Home Decor Ideas


Spring has sprung! This time of year is perfect for infusing your home with natural elegance and timeless charm. Spring introduces you to the opportunity to embrace the season's rejuvenating spirit by bringing the elements of nature indoors. When you need spring decor ideas for your living room, office, dining room or bedroom, we've got you covered. At Serene Spaces Living, we bring you the three simplest spring living room decor ideas to revitalize your home's interior.

1. Introduce Colorful Florals

When you think of spring, one of the first things that comes to mind is bright, beautiful floral arrangements. Infuse your living room decor with a sense of freshness and vitality from the cheerful hues of the flowers. Florals offer vibrant colors that cast a warm, welcoming tranquility into your space. Flowers also have a natural beauty that uplifts your spirit when you walk past them. 

Placing florals around your home encapsulates the essence of spring and transforms it into a sanctuary of renewal as spring represents blooming and blossoming. Serene Spaces Living can give your home timeless cheer with our beautiful silk flowers. We offer real-looking artificial flowers that will make your home feel like a garden oasis.

Our top tip for introducing florals to your home is incorporating florals with leaves. We'd create custom bouquets with gorgeous white and green peonies contrasted with a set of enticing red roses. The green from the peonies will contrast with the white, whereas the red roses will provide a touch of bright spring allure. 

To tie them together, we'd place them in our cottage cane-wrapped glass vase to bring in the element of the outdoors inside. The cane embodies the feeling of wood, another strong characteristic of spring decor. 

2. Enhance Your Aesthetics With Indoor Plants

Spring is a season that feels magical, whimsical and romantic. Introducing these themes into your home can be done in various ways, such as adding striking vases and bowls or faux plants around your home for that natural yet elegant appeal. Imagine sitting in your living room surrounded by gorgeous greenery, blossoming flowers and vibrant vases - these items all encapsulate spring's serene energy.

To embrace the whimsical feeling of spring aesthetics, you can place large plants in your living room, office or bedroom. Consider our faux Monstera Deliciosa Plant, which boasts an incredible height of 55 inches, providing a low-maintenance way to bring the outdoors into your home.

Another way of achieving a natural theme in your home is by decorating your walls with plants. This can be done by installing hanging plants on your walls or ceilings. Browse our faux Boston fern and orchid leaves and roots for stunning spring-inspired wall decorating ideas. You can hang these faux plants at various lengths to get that true forest feeling. 

3. Increase Your Home's Lighting

Although spring feels like it's all flowers and greenery, it also has the essence of brightness. Spring should feel vivid, even once the sun has set. Introducing candles or lanterns to your living room will reinvigorate it after sundown. Experiment with different sizes and colors to truly mimic the season's splendor. 

Our favorite springtime candles include various colors and textures that capture the natural elements. Consider our ombre frost gold candles for a more subtle yet warm appearance. Additionally, we have these staggering ribbed glass votive holders that come in a wide range of colors. You can fill these holders with our birch bark pillar candle. The wooden appearance of the candle is the perfect way to tie all the spring elements together. 

If you want to create a bigger impact, consider our eye-catching lanterns. Our lanterns can be placed as centerpieces on your living room or coffee table or hung from the walls or ceilings. These beautiful lanterns draw attention, as they are visually appealing and offer a gorgeous spring glow once a candle is lit inside. 

Serene Spaces Living's top pick for a spring lantern would be our wooden Chinese candle lantern, paired with a plain white pillar candle for contrast. Alternatively, our gold emerald-cut lanterns are timeless and elegant, suitable for any home style. We'd pair our gold-cut lanterns with our off-white ivory candles

Embrace Spring With Serene Spaces Living

Spring symbolizes rebirth and rejuvenation, so there is no better time to revamp your bedrooms, office or living room with these spring decorating ideas. Add extra lighting with our candles and lanterns in the evenings for that true, romantic spring feeling. Our vast collection of products at Serene Spaces Living provides you with endless opportunities to transform your home. 

Shop our products for high-quality faux plants and silk flowers to welcome spring into your home.

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