Using Artificial Plants for Wall Decor

Using Artificial Plants for Wall Decor

Plants are some of the easiest ways to liven up a room, particularly one with bare walls. However, not everybody has the time (or interest) to take care of living plants. A great alternative is to use artificial plant decor for walls. Serene Spaces Living offers a wide selection of faux plants that you can use to decorate your space.

9 Ways You Can Use Artificial Plants for Wall Decor

When you find it hard to commit to having real plants at home, artificial plants are the way to go. These versatile pieces are low-maintenance and cost-efficient. They give your space a fresh look without the additional task of plant upkeep. Here are nine simple but artistic ways you can use faux plants for wall decor:

1. String Faux Vines Together 

Style a plain white wall with faux vines hanging vertically from the ceiling or horizontally from one shelf to another. These silk grape ivy garlands look stunning when paired with strings of LED lights. Decorate a portion of the wall, and you'll have an instant photoshoot spot right at home.

2. Liven up Your Patio Walls With Garlands

Remember to decorate the walls on your patio or porch area, too! Breathe life into these spaces by hanging a mini cream rose garland. The petite white roses are a wonderful touch of elegance. This timeless piece works as a year-round ornament. Bonus points for being low-maintenance!

3. Put up a Wreath on the Wall

Who said wreaths are only for the holidays? This decorative option is gaining popularity these days because of its versatility. Give this artificial pine garland a timeless look by adding seasonal flowers and other ornaments.

4. Create a "Live" Plant Wall

Instead of a live plant wall, build an artificial plant wall for home decor using this faux boxwood wall panel. One pack comes with 12 panels, enough to fill a wall. You can also opt for a small version just above the sofar or media console. This grassy mat comes in a set of two in case you prefer darker greens for your place. Fill the panels with a combination of other faux plants, silk flowers and succulents.

5. Hang Potted Plants on the Wall

Another easy way to use faux plants at home is to hang them on the wall. Spice it up a bit by using a long rod instead of individually nailing the planters onto the wall. On this long rod (preferably wooden), hang different potted plants in varying lengths. This ceramic planter with orchids makes a great addition, as does this faux Boston fern.

6. Keep It Festive With Gold Leaf Garlands

Break away from the greens and reds and add a different spin to your holiday decor with gold leaf garlands. Drape them on the shelves, around hanging frames or tie them onto the wall. These garlands are suitable for small gatherings and fall celebrations.

7. Squeeze Planters in Between Books

Break the rigidity of book spines by squeezing in a few potted plants in between. Maximize the space on your hanging bookshelves and ledges by adding this faux tillandsia in a pot. This air plant symbolizes creativity and freedom, making it even more apt to be among your books.

8. Build a Dedicated Plant Shelf

Say you want more potted plants to decorate your wall. If the bookshelves can't accommodate them, you can also create a dedicated plant wall. Turn one section of the wall into a plant corner by nailing in some wooden shelves that can fit a row of potted plants. Remember to limit the selection to smaller planters to prevent them from falling. Check out this preserved boxwood ball in a pot or this sword grass in a grey cement pot.

9. Decorate Your Mirrors With Hanging Vines

Mirrors are beautiful on their own, especially if they have unique frames that add some personality to your place. But you can make your mirrors look more interesting by surrounding the edges with artificial hanging vines. The pop of green color gives it a refreshing feel and instantly brightens the space. Add a string of fairy lights for more illumination.

Shop Faux Plants for Wall Decor

Serene Spaces Living offers a wide variety of faux plants to decorate your walls and other areas of the house. Choose from our collection of life-like plants that breathe life into your space. Our products are durable, affordable and low-maintenance since they are made with high-quality materials. 

Shop online today or contact us for bulk pricing and special orders.

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