Reignite Romance On Your Date Nights With These Candles


Setting up the perfect romantic setting for your next date night can be done easily with simple and small home decor accessories - date night candles. Yes, adding a few candles with elegant profiles and gentle flickers can make way for a dreamy dinner, outdoors as well as indoors. 

We have made it easier for you by listing down the different types of candles suited for such special nights and how to use them to enhance the romantic aura.

1. Welcome Aroma To Your Space With Romantic Candle Scents

Lighting candles with beautiful fragrances is bound to make the mood romantic. The most popular sensual candle scents are rose, jasmine, vanilla, chocolate, and lavender. Our scented candle collection includes scents like windswept, jasmine, and balsam & pine

The best part about our collection is, we place them in an exquisite clear glass jar with a lid that adds to the beauty of the candles effortlessly. These romantic candle scents are pleasant and mild so that they do not overwhelm you. 

Go check them out right now because we assure you candlelight dinners cannot get better than this!




2.  Go For Soft Lighting With Tealight Candles

The best way to tone down distractions and retain the romance of your date night with candles is to use pretty-looking tealight candles which fit perfectly into the definition of romantic night candles. Their tiny flames and graceful cast of light guarantee a cozy feeling that you will love. Make the look better by placing them in our pink votive holder that has an alternating silvery and pink blush etched glass. 


Beautiful alternatives are our green glass cube tealight holder or the cut crystal tealight holder that reflects light off each panel. 



You can also use these candles for grand romantic gestures like forming the shape of a heart, writing the name of your partner, and so on. Consider placing them in our thick glass candle holder available in three colors, for a warm glow.



3.  Add Grandeur To Your Date Night With Pillar Candles

A set of romantic night candles like pillar candles on a tray or serving plate on your dinner table is truly an enchanting sight to behold! Use candles of different heights to lend more depth to your space and make way for a glowing centerpiece. Our rustic cement gray pillars available in white, ivory, and black colors offer an endearing look. 



On the other hand, our black pillar candles have a timeless and iconic look. You can also add a vintage essence to your date night with birch bark candles that are wrapped in actual birch bark and lined with a metal foil around their body. 




Outdoor date night decor can include such pillar candles in lanterns, hurricanes, or similar candle holders. We love how the black candles look in our clear glass hexagon lantern with gold edges and clear glass panels. 


4.  Enjoy A Candlelight Dinner In Your Backyard With Hanging Candles

Imagine a warm evening with fading daylight where you have a wholesome dinner with your partner against the backdrop of beautifully lit date night candles. Make this happen by placing multiple candles of different sizes in our decorative medieval-style silver birdcage that can be hung easily. 


In spaces with dimmed lights after the sunset, hanging candles in our hanging glass jar is also an excellent choice. It has a wide bottom, tapered rim, and gold wire hangers that give it a minimalistic and sophisticated look.


It’s time to envision a dreamy date night filled with candles, aroma, and love. Check out our website for romantic night candles appropriate for such occasions and different types of home decor. We cannot wait for you to rekindle the romance and welcome a perfect romantic night to your busy lives!

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