Top Holiday Home Decor Ideas


The festive season is an opportunity to warm up your home with colorful cheer in the form of holiday decorations. If you're looking for some fresh ways to add a little festive sparkle, we've rounded up our top holiday home interior decorating ideas just for you.

Try some of these unique ideas at home this coming festive season.

Transform Your Console Table

The holiday season conjures up visions of the family gathered around a fireplace laden with stockings. But for homes without a fireplace mantel, a console table or similar furniture item makes for the perfect substitute. A festive wreath on the wall above the table, stockings hanging from the furniture piece and some thoughtfully placed ribbons and flowers can set the scene.

Create a Festive Sideboard

If your floor or wall space is limited, you can always decorate a surface in one of your living areas, such as the top of a sideboard. Gather color-coordinated or smaller themed decor like silver and blue birds on clips and arrange them using this table as a canvas for a merry display.

Step Up Your Garland Game

If you have a staircase with a balustrade in your home, incorporate festive decor that follows family and friends up and down the stairs. This could be as simple as draping a leafy garland along the balustrade and tying it with rich red ribbons to the banister.

Deck the Chairs

Another classic holiday decor idea for your home is to bring jolly merriment to the dining room table with classic mistletoe or a similar festive sprig hung at the back of the chairs with a large ribbon. Choose a bold-colored ribbon and drape it down, allowing the decor to sit toward the center of the back of the chair.

Go Big at Home

Go Big at Home

Those with a double-volume or pitched exposed ceiling can take advantage of the extra height and make a statement with a large festive tree. Decorate your tree with strings of lights, gold ornaments, festive family heirlooms and other items you like. The sheer enormity of the tree will create the impact you're after.

Spruce Up the Front Door

We all know and love the classic wreath-adorned door, but you can take it up a level this year by framing your door with a wreath and garland combo. For instance, if your wreath includes pine cones and berries, try to find a garland with the same elements.

Put Your Holiday Home Decorating Ideas Into Action

Bring your holiday decorating ideas to life with Serene Spaces Living. Shop our range of festive decor options, from garlands to baubles, and let the joy of the season fill your home.

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